Tuesday, March 18, 2008

guest blog: buttery lemon cookies

We at Night Baking are fortunate to have guest blogger Denise in the house! She shares her tale of buttery lemon cookies below. Though I didn't get to taste them, I'll give them a thumbs up because the pictures look so pretty. And now for a word from our guest:

Late Afternoon Baking

Inspired after a lunch conversation about baking and the bag of lemons Jen brought to my house for Book Club on Sunday, I decided Sunday afternoon was alright baking. I opened my three-ring binder where I have my clipped-out recipes semi-organized and found a simple Buttery Lemon Cookie recipe for which I had all the ingredients on hand.

With my assistant, 3-year-old Holden, at my side, I got to work. The recipe was simple: Beat a stick of butter until fluffy, add zest from a lemon and sugar, beat some more. Then in went an egg and some flour and some additional beating until I had a nice, sticky dough. I rolled it out in two sections between two pieces of wax paper a "scant 1/4 thick," as the recipe dictated, and put it on a tray in the fridge. It called for about 20 minutes of chill time, but I let it go a bit longer since I went for a walk around the block with Riley the toddler, and that took nearly a half hour.

I peeled away the wax paper and realized I didn't have a "cookie sized" cup to cut out the dough with. So we used shot glasses to pull out silver-dollar sized cookies. Gave them a light glazing of egg yolk mixed with a tablespoon of water and sprinkled sugar on top before baking for about nine minutes.

The result was a crispy, not too sweet, not too sour cookie. Lemon cookies aren't my favorite, but the family loved them. I was a little worried about the egg yolk, which still showed up dark yellow, giving us salmonella poisoning. But my engineer husband, Kevin, assured me the glaze was cooked enough. And he gets credit for the great pictures!

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