Thursday, March 6, 2008

dad's lemon cake

My dad loves lemon even more than chocolate. Yeah, I don't know what's wrong with him, either. Anyway, he is turning 65 and we are planning a birthday dinner, so I want to make a lemon birthday cake. (Sorry, Mer. I will try to find you some chocolate :-)

I'm experimenting this week, so if you - let's say - are coming over to hang out on Friday night, you might get to be part of the test group.

I made this lemon cake recipe and this lemon curd/filling recipe. I'll probably use the frosting recipe that goes with the cake, and perhaps garnish it with berries.

Notes so far:
1. Looks like the cake is really good! Unfortunately, I know that because I was impatient and not careful inverting the cake to cool, and a little bit of the cake stuck to the sides. I never invert a cake without running a knife around the sides and don't know what I was thinking. Good thing it's just a test.
2. Recipes often work better when you include all the ingredients. I kind of forgot to put the butter in the lemon curd. But another of my recipes called for stirring in the butter to the hot curd after removing it from the heat. So I sat the (metal) bowl on the (still-warm) burner and let it help melt the butter, which then incorporated nicely. We'll pretend it was deliberate.
3. I made a few other changes to the lemon curd recipe (but on purpose):
- used all lemon juice, no orange juice
- strained the lemon curd through a sieve after taking it off the heat
- added about 1 1/2 tsp lemon zest along with the butter

No pictures tonight, but I'll take some of the final product.


The Nix Family said...

Hey, whatcha doin' tonight? :) (If I didn't ask, Kevin would kill me)

Nanette said...

[whispering] I actually prefer lemon over chocolate, too. [/whispering]

Good thing we're coming over tonight! Mmm....cake!