Tuesday, March 4, 2008

cooking light baked goods still suck

My sister called last weekend and asked if I'd seen the cover recipe from a recent Cooking Light with chocolate-mint frosted brownies. I had, actually, and I'd been tempted to make it for about five seconds... except that everything I've ever baked from Cooking Light with the exception of meringues (which are naturally fat-free) has been horrible. Don't get me wrong; I love their savory recipes, but their baked goods are just never good. Further confirms my suspicions that baking is not supposed to be a lowfat endeavor.

In deference to my sister, who did try the recipe - only to discover too late the brownies were underbaked even though she followed the recipe correctly - I bought myself some Eggbeaters and refreshed my supply of Hershey's syrup and went to town.

The bad news:
1. They were awful!

The good news:
1. I only made a half-batch, so I only had to throw out a half-batch
2. I tasted the brownies out of the oven and therefore didn't have to waste the time or ingredients making the frosting and glaze

I really do love mint and chocolate together in a brownie, and the frosting and glaze recipes look fairly foolproof. In fact, my sister dumped her sad brownies and baked up some Betty Crocker, then frosted and glazed them as directed, and they were a hit at her friend's dinner party that night. I could totally see doing that with my favorite brownie recipe.

Mer, just wanted to let you know it wasn't just you, you didn't miss out on anything with the ones you tossed, and it sounds like the revised version worked out great.


Nanette said...

I'm amazed at your "half batch" abilities. I almost always screw up the math on full-batch recipes, so I'm fairly certain I'd botch a half-batch math.

meredith said...

phew...i feel better knowing it wasn't just me!