Thursday, February 21, 2008

rubber duckie, you're the one

Tonight - mostly to distract her while I dashed off a quick/emergency work email - I asked Bug Bug to lay out the bathmat in anticipation of bath time. A few minutes later, as I'd finished my email, she called to me and proudly showed me what she'd done.

Not only had she laid out the bathmat perfectly (and she is just OCD enough to make sure it is perfectly smooth with no corners flipped up or ripples anywhere), she had moved the stepstool tubside, placed the cup on the floor next to it (to rinse out the shampoo), and put down the non-skid tub mat in the bathtub. She would've gotten their soap out, too, but she couldn't reach it.

What a thoughtful kiddo!

To thank her for being so considerate, I let her wash with "Daddy soap" (Neutrogena Rainbath), a special treat usually reserved just for showers. It was an especially fun, relaxing bath time tonight.

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Nanette said...

Awwww, such a cutie!