Wednesday, February 20, 2008

mommy needs to chill!

Bug Bug, talking to herself, apropos of nothing: "For God's sake!"
5 seconds later: "I've got five things to do at once!"

Um, can't imagine where she heard anyone say that. Oh, wait. That is the kind of thing that comes out of my mouth all the time as I'm rushing around trying to get out of the house. No matter how much planning or lead time goes into getting ready in the morning, there is the inevitable last minute mad dash. I run around getting socks, shoes and jackets on, sending Bug to the bathroom, grabbing sippy cups, snacks, and lunches, etc. It makes me crazy, and as evidenced, I often let stress get the better of me. Most of the time, I've even prepped in advance: I make lunch the night before, I lay out clothes, and I restock the diaper bag.

What is the hardest for me is that Bug Bug always wants someone to accompany her. "Come with me to the bathroom." "Hold my hand to go to my room and get a hairband, but don't go first, I want to be the leader!" Intellectually, I know three-year-olds aren't capable of multitasking; in fact, it's not even on her radar. But I want desperately to be able to dispatch her to one task (e.g., bathroom, which I can't do for her no matter how much I want to) while I complete another (e.g., pouring milk, which is not really her area of expertise). Sometimes, I make a game of it, challenging her to see who can finish first. The problem is, she's got no skin in the game. She doesn't care about winning the imaginary contest if she can have me with her.

The result is that it takes us forever to mobilize. You'd think after almost four years I'd just know that and adjust. Either wake up earlier, cut out some of the steps, or just chill the fuck out. Hmm. I don't seem to be capable of any of those, though developing a zen-like attitude seems the easiest and most likely of the choices. I just hate hearing that voice reflected back in her playacting. Mostly it's vanity (god, how awful does that sound?) but also it's a good wake up call that I need to reprioritize.

Maybe I just need a less-attentive kid? Nah, probably not.


Anonymous said...

Nope. Doesn't matter what you do. Even when I try to prep ahead, every morning is a nightmare. Yet they can't understand why you don't want to stand next to them while they poop. NO thanks.

Jodi said...

I don't know how you moms do it. I'm like this in the morning and I don't have kids. There's probably a good reason for that!

Nanette said...

I don't have any kids yet, but if it makes you feel any better I go through a similar thing with Brent. "Nanette, where's the [whatever]?" "Right where you left it." "Where?" And somehow he miraculously finds it when I've already gotten up from my comfortable spot to cross the house to whereever he is.

And as we leave the house, "Do you have your keys? What about your cell phone? Your wallet? Hey, you forgot to turn the TV on."

That's the only way I can sympathize for now, except this "kid" of mine actually pays rent. ;)

Nanette said...

TV off, I mean.

Leah said...

Tee hee. I love the things that come out of that girl's mouth. Probably because I'm not her mother! I seem to remember a time, before she could actually put thoughts into words, when she was still a great mimic.

I particularly remember her saying "Oh, man!" as one of her first phrases...can't imagine where she would have heard that one. I believe her cousin from Philly also successfully taught her how to say "Prada" and "Gucci."

But none of those words/phrases seems to have stuck. So I think you're probably not doing as much (or any, for that matter) damage as you think you are.