Monday, February 18, 2008

la dilemma (or "how i spent my lunch hour")

Say it's 60 degrees and you're feeling springy. You want to wear that cute little sundress, but it's just too cold. So what do you do? Wear the dress and freeze? No. Add a sweater? Not in LA. No, you pair it with boots that look like the better side of a woolly mammoth. My god, people; if it's cold enough for Ugg boots-on-crack, it's too cold for spaghetti straps!

(Of course, you could always add a scarf. That really makes an outfit seasonally appropriate.)

On another note, does everyone find waxing as monumentally invasive as I do? Perhaps it's because I go to a crazy Russian lady, but I swear, Tanya knows me better than my own husband does. It's really disturbing.

And finally, if you drive this car, is it really necessary to wear a matching shirt?


Jodi said...

Or better yet, add a parka, hat, scarf, and gloves, yet wear flip flops. I've seen that and don't get it.

Maybe one of the precise reasons I never have and may never do waxing!

Lady Librarian said...

We get that in the UK too. It's freezing cold but clear blue beautiful skies here at the moment, and the other day I saw a woman in a thick, warm winter coat and flip flops. Argh! Choose one or the other people!