Tuesday, February 12, 2008

i wonder...

- When Boy-o's feet will stop growing every six weeks.
- When he will stop throwing his plate on the floor, requiring grain-by-grain pickup of rice.
- When I will take it in stride and not 1) growl at him, 2) roll my eyes, 3) immediately start picking it up.
- When Bug Bug will regain the independent ability to do things like put her cup down when it's empty (rather than calling for me to take it - lazybones!).
- When I will realize it's all just a phase. A never-ending, overlapping-with-the-next-phase, phase.
- Whether I should practice some non-twelve-steppy, non-religious version of the serenity prayer daily. Or hourly. As needed for sanity.

1 comment:

justJENN said...

I am right there with you. This has been a lousy week. At least it just feels lousy-i-er than usual.