Tuesday, February 12, 2008

guess i should introduce myself

As you may have guessed, I'm new at this. I think this is post #5. We have a photo blog that I'm in charge of updating, but with rare exception, I keep my comments to a minimum, or I just narrate what's going on in the pictures. In any event, I'm not sure how committed I am to blogging regularly, so I'm just going to play it by ear and see how it goes. I know that I look forward to regular posts on the blogs I read, so in an effort not to disappoint the readers I may one day have, I'll try to be somewhat regular in posting. Or at least more committed than I have been to journals in the past... they typically featured one or two long, impassioned entries (usually about a boy, of course) and then lay fallow until the next boy crisis arose.

A little more about me and the characters you'll see here... I've been married to Josh for almost 8 years. We have two kids: Bug Bug (our daughter, who is almost 4, though tells me daily that she's already 4 and I missed the birthday party because I was getting married to Daddy so her grandmother baked her birthday cake), and Boy-o (our son, who is 16 months today). He doesn't talk as much as Bug Bug (few do), and his antics will probably require less retelling. Together, they're The Wubs, and I imagine they'll both be featured here pretty regularly.

I'm still not sure of the etiquette of who I can call out by name here, so I'll figure that out as I go along.

We live in LA, and I work 3 days a week doing fun hospitality-industry stuff. I'm exceedingly fortunate to be able to work only part-time and get to spend the rest of the time with the kids. I'll be the first to admit that some days, it would be easier just to work full-time. This morning, we had our first meltdown before 8:00. I think it had to do with getting dressed. That is just not a reasonable hour for dealing with an insane preschooler.

However, most of the time, the Wubs are seriously amazing. Bug Bug is sharp as a tack. The kid can talk your ear off, and she's very creative, making up stories all the time. She has the memory of an elephant. Loves to draw, paint, read, and run around crazily. Boy-o is exceedingly good-natured. His personality is showing through more and more as he gets more mobile and (slowly) more verbal. He is way more physical in his play than his sister ever was, way more into toys of all kinds. If the TV remote is missing, check the hamper. He's constantly transporting things from one place to another. (Unfortunately, he doesn't usually communicate that to us.) They are a ton of fun. I am grateful every day that I have Josh to help me with them and to enjoy them with me.

It hasn't escaped me that I'm defining myself here primarily in relation to other people. You get used to these roles... "wife," "mother," etc. I guess in some ways, my life is pretty narrowly focused on the day-to-day, family, and friends. There are parts of my brain that would like a broader scope, and I try to get that through work, through reading, even through watching TV or the occasional grownups-only nights out. I'd like to think that when the kids are bigger, or when I find more free time, or some free time, I'll remember that there's a much larger world out there. For now, there's plenty keeping me busy. Hey, I've got baking to do, right? There's only so much laundry one can do!

Off now to relax for a few minutes before naptime ends. More to come in the days to come. Probably more waxing philosophical (sorry in advance). Definitely more baking and photos. We'll see how it goes! Thanks for reading!


Nanette said...

Ooooh, I get to be the first comment EVER! YAY!

Welcome to the blogosphere! You'll fit in nicely. :)

The Nix Family said...

How fun! I look forward to more philosophical waxing and all sorts of goodies spread out on wax paper!

Hilary said...


I just linked to ya.