Thursday, February 28, 2008

fun with fondant

I'm experimenting with making Bug Bug out of fondant, per Nanette's suggestion. So far, so good! I actually slimmed the paper model down. This is not a negative body image statement; I thought she was a little out of balance through the midsection. I'm a little nervous about tinting, but I'll just have to try it out. I didn't do any tonight since I don't have gloves. Also, I could use a few specialty colors that perhaps I can get tomorrow at Gloria's (whatever the right color is to make Bug's skin). Anyway, this could be pretty cute!

Next decision: whether to cover the cake in fondant or just frost it. I'm leaning toward just frosting it because, despite that this fondant tastes pretty good (it's from Surfas), it's not that good. I'm willing to be swayed if anyone has a strong opinion, though!

I made roses with some of the extra fondant. Fondant can be pretty fun! I tend to discount it because I'm not that artsy (like for building 3-D sculpture-y things), but maybe I'll give it another try.


justJENN said...

Looks good!

Leah said...

So freaking cute!